Upcycled Skirts

Our skirts are made from fabulous graphic t-shirts that are seeking a new life. We gently launder, deconstruct, and thematically rework each shirt into creative wearables with attention to design, seam work and fine construction. Our aim is to leave no scrap behind! 


HOT for Winter!


Up-cycled fingerless gloves to keep your fingers warm and workin'. Made of recycled cashmere sweaters...so very cozy!

3 Cat Productions began when Raina was a baby. Although she is now 13 years old, this remains one of my favorite photos of both Raina and the hat...Malden Mills fabulous colors and vintage trim from the 1960's!
The girls on a purple day....
Last year we decided that the dolls must be cold in the New England winter too...happy girls!

The 3 cats

The second installment of the
"3 cats" of 3 Cat Productions!
Moxie, Miss Sady, and Clarence...the beast!